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  • Check all instructions for use and sterilization of new instruments. Unless otherwise directed they should be inspected, cleaned, rinsed and lubricated (if required) before being put into service.
  • Lubricate after cleaning with a proprietary water-soluble instrument lubricant.
  • Follow approved cleaning procedure of hospital.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners & brushes with hard bristles.
  • Use distilled water for rinsing only. Water with chloride contents may damage or even destroy the instruments.
  • Do not leave instruments in cleaning or disinfecting solutions for long terms (over night or weekend), the instruments can be destroyed.
  • Ensure all instruments are only used for the purpose for which they were designed.
  • Handle all instruments gently. Never overstrain, drop or misuse them.
  • Check all instruments for damage after use.
  • Give special attention to microsurgical instruments. Their fine tips can easily be damaged by contact with other instruments or the sides of the case in which they should be kept. Hand cleaning is preferable.
  • Ensure all instruments are thoroughly dried before being stored.
  • Pack instruments carefully with the heavier ones lying on a piece of cloth or towel at the bottom.
  • Store and sterilize bow-handled instruments on a special holder. Always leave racks and ratchets open.
  • Check the hardness of the water used in the autoclave. Too hard water will leave a deposit on the instruments. If a water softener is used ensure it is at the manufacturer’s recommended level. Too much may cause discoloration or pitting.

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